The tangled post-thing was just along the coast from Dunure Castle in Ayrshire.

The same post, six minutes later.

Two minutes after this I will spot and wave at a bunch of people half a mile along the coast whom I mistakenly believe to be Nicky, her sister and threechildren. A little further along I will realise my mistake and climb up some rocks to avoid passing too close to the random people.

I know when you're racing against a five-year-old you're supposed to let them win but my personal theory states that if they see someone running properly fast rather than pretend-old-child-beaten-slow that it might inspire them to want to be able to run fast too. Especially when they were also beaten by me hopping. When asked "how can you run so fast?" I pointedly answered "because I hate cars and want to be healthy so I try and walk or cycle everywhere that I can" but I think it went over his head a little.

There was another article in the last New Scientist I received before the postal strikes began about some additional evidence supporting a link between children watching loads of television and having attention-span-related difficulties with things which are not television. Is it appropriate to say to your fiancée's sister that sticking her children in front of the painfully loud television whilst they eat their sugary breakfast and letting them go to sleep watching an (albeit slightly quieter) television in their bedroom might not perhaps be entirely beneficial? I'll maybe wait until after the wedding in case it causes any large family rifts.

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