Francisco Fernández

By FranciscoFndez


It was my last day in Asturias so we had a family lunch with plenty of home made cider. Here you can see my father escanciando or echando un culín: that means pouring small quantities from the bottle into a wide and very thin glass, with the arm holding the bottle extended upwards and the one holding the glass in angle downwards. My father's technique in this shot is far from perfect (the right arm should be totally extended) but the culín was really tasty.

The escanciado is typical in Asturias (northern Spain) and it's done to get air bubbles into the drink to produce a sparkling taste that lasts a very short time. When you are in a group of friends or family you usually share one or two glasses between the whole group. We prefer to have few glasses but lots of bottles.

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