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"Who's a pretty boy then?"

I don't care how many pieces of eight, you're not sitting on my shoulder!

Went to The Lakeland Country Fair at Torver today.

The chap from Malhamdale Falconry was there with some of his birds of prey.

He should have flown this beauty at some point. That would have been an impressive sight.

Unfortunately his Perigrine Falcon was "acting up" and refusing to return to hand.

Probably enjoying the sunshine and thermals after a wet few weeks.

Anyway the falcon hadn't returned by the time the slot was up so no airborne eagles today.


The Perigrine did return to the show field a little later, you'll be pleased to hear.

There were lurchers, horses, hounds and ferrets.

We very nearly ended up aquiring another two ferrets from the rescue....

It went something like this.......

Therry "Why don't you hold them, they're gorgeous."

Me "I don't want to!"

Therry "but you'll fall in love with them."

Me "That's exactly why I don't want to hold them!"

Bah humbug!

It was a geat afternoon and it's nice to have some decent weather for the country shows. They have been hit very hard in recent years with bad weather/poor ground conditions forcing cancellations.

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