Pictorial Allsorts

By calvininjax

Triple Marque

After my brief sojourn in Tampa, it was back to tramping the streets of Riverside, Jacksonville. And the weather is still hot and sticky.

Within a couple of minutes, my eyes alighted on something that would make an interesting photograph. I took two shots at it and felt quite pleased with myself. I shot a few more things, as one does on a walk, but I was convinced that one of those two first shots would be the blip for today.


On the computer, both shots looked as if they had been shot through gauze. Then it hit me. The camera had not had enough time to demist. That is one of the perils of moving out of a house with air cooled by the A/C into the hot humid atmosphere outside.

The shots I took a couple of minutes later were perfectly all right.

The moral of the story: Allow sufficient time for the camera to adjust to the hotter temperature outside.

Fortunately, one of the other shots I took passed muster. I think of all the various marques on cars, the one belonging to Mercedes Benz is perhaps one of the most photogenic. The three manifestations of the famous three-pointed star emblem is what caught my eye, along with the reflection of the palm tree on the car's hood/bonnet.

B&W conversion in Silver Efex Pro.

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