Moose X1

By moosex1

A bus stop

What happened to the Life that was full of possibilities? What happened that the road leads to this bus stop, rags as clothes. Skin weathered, battered by sun and storm.


We shall never know. Just guess. Man might have been a well known judge with alcohol problem. and in the end there is only alcohol left for him. Take away the pain, the misery. Leaving just a dull ache in the background of boozed mind. He might have been a artist, or from the beginning having no life to live.

We have to fight. Not to give in for the pain and drowning them into booze. No good comes from that one.

We do not want the our bus leaves from the stop with out us. We must prevail. Grow, Feel, Live Life to the Max! Hop on to the Bus. Take the Ride!

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