blip art :: xb

By xb


I couldn't be bothered switching on my computer tonight after staring at my work one all day. That left me with three options...

1. Don't blip. I ruled this one out PDQ. It's become such a habit, I'd be gutted if I accidentally missed a day, never mind deliberately missing one!

2. Blip but don't blip. Pre-planning a backblip is too weird a concept to get my head around. Like me leaving a voicemail message for a colleague the other day while he was on phone to someone else, me joining in that other conversation, then me ending the message saying "as you can hear, you're on the other line...". Parallel universes.

3. Use the iPhone app. I've never tried before, apart from the life.turns. app, so this is new, and the option I went for. Next time I go for this option I won't be writing as much!! :)

By the way, mushroom risotto, in case you wondered.

And, yes it was, in case you wondered more. :)

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