Baggie Trousers

By SkaBaggie

Blinded By The Light

So yesterday, with the weather looking very promising, I decided to go for a walk out along the river to Glasson, and take a few pictures of the dockyard. All was well and good until I became gradually aware of the solid mass of dark clouds over the sea. The type that tend to come in with the tide, and then let loose on you with Biblical enthusiasm. Over an hour's walk from home, I decided my best bet was to dash to nearby Conder Green and take refuge in The Stork, a great seventeenth century pub by the River Conder. The heavens opened as I was about fifty yards from the pub door, at which point I got this very gloomy shot.

The rains continued for all of last night and today, with their crescendo being an almighty thunderstorm at eight o'clock this morning. And then, just as I thought we'd seen the end of the summer once and for all, the sun finally decided to put in another appearance around six this evening. Dropping my attempted indoor blips for the day (most of which revolved around experiments with bog-roll) I rushed out to Aldcliffe with my camera, and got this shot from next to the thinking tree, looking over the river to the west. That nuclear power plant's never looked so pretty.

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