By flying


It was bitterly cold as Mum, Daughter E and I looked in on the Black Swan we had found nesting back in July. We were interested to see if any of the 6 eggs had hatched but no she was still sitting there on the nest. As she sat she was adjusting the height of the nest round the edges, she looked a little unsettled so maybe the time is nearing. We will check on her again in a couple of days.

While we were observing Daughter E noticed another family cruising on the water. Three little cygnets and Mum and Dad Black Swans.  They came onto the grass round our car and I was able to get some awesome shots.  I think these cygnets would be over 4 weeks as they were big enough to swim on their own.  Mum and Dad still stood over them or not far from them.  Two of them stuck together and one was always slightly behind. They were very cute to watch. I love their downy coats, little expressions and also seeing the development of their wings.

Daughter A suggested I crop this but I quite like the background showing a little of the environment of which is their home. Cropping however would've given more detail of the cygnets - is there a rule of thumb here or is it simply what is preferred?

Many thanks for your thoughtful comments yesterday, Daughter A was touched by all the birthday wishes and says a big 'Thank you'!

Enjoy the weekend :)

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