Joe's Blips

By joesblips

Sweet Pea

Welcome to our only Sweet Pea. No, I don't mean our only Sweet Pea Plant, I actually mean our only Sweet Pea, as in bloom. Well OK, if you must, there are actually three of them but not much sign of anything else although we do have high hopes for something that resembles a bud on a different plant. We never attempted these before, so this is the first attempt. When I say, we of course, I really mean SHE. I just photograph the wonderful things she grows. Maybe someone out there can tell me. Did we(she) plant these too late.We(she) reckon it was June before they came home from the garden centre. The plants are thriving except for the blossom and have reached nearly five feet in height.
So, here you have it. Our (her) only Sweet Pea.

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