Monsoons and Delhi

Some part of me was just not sufficiently interested in the route for today's ride. I woke up at about 4:15 AM and switched the alarm clock off to prevent any further interruption. When I got up, it was 8:30 and I don't recall sleeping so late in a while. All this, despite having dozed off very early the night before. Made up a bit of the deficit.

It was time to buy a few books. The buying this time was different in a way I won't try to put into words. I was just sure. Reading a couple of them might be a challenge, but it's the kind I enjoy. And in between all the shuttling across wet streets, I shot this through our windscreen to remind us how much rain Delhi has been getting this year. The Yamuna river which passes through it, has swelled 22 cm above danger level and habitation around, perhaps more so the villagers than anyone else is threatened.

Also took time to check out the famed Cafe Morrison, which does play some good music. And not just The Doors. Wanted to get back early so left before the hungry and groggy-looking band began playing. A good rainy Sunday.

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