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The Collings Foundation

Today is our first full day at home and we decided to journel to the Collings Foundation (CF) for one of their three annual events open to the public. The CF has an amazing collection of authentic antique aircraft and cars. It is a private organization and so does not open daily like a traditional museum.

We journeyed to the CF to see their race of the century where they race antique aircraft and antique race cars. I was there two years ago (before blip, unfortunately) and can tell you that it is amazing to see. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and it was pouring rain and so the outside activities were cancelled. We had a nice tour of the various facilities and went home. It was fun, but we were disappointed to miss the races.

In this image, we see one of CF's many aircraft. I am not exactly sure what kind it is. The bright colors appealed to me as did the intricacies of the engine. I debated using a couple of other images and you can view those on Flickr.
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