The Max Factor

By maxellis

Another big night out at Shinky Shonky

Club impresario, DJ extraordinaire, pedlar of lewdly inappropriate cards and buttons, songwriter, crooner and fashionista Boogaloo Stu hosts the ultra camp happening 'Shinky Shonky' at the Ku Bar in London's China Town every Wednesday night.
My wife Katherine occasionally graces the event with her presence and performs some of her hits. The evening then usually spirals into mayhem culminating in a Boogaloo Stu game show. Last night was no exception and we were treated to a fine display of 'Penny up the crack' I shall leave it to your imaginations. The winner is showered in ASDA chocolates, cheap 'champagne' and various inflatables.
Here we see Mrs Ellis flushed with the success of the performance graciously receiving the adoration of her admirers.

Heres some more from the evening!

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