By Sox

Rugby Prize Giving Medal Ceremony

This is the Under 6 team who are being handed their team medals out on stage by an ex All Black player. Almost every second one tripped over on the steps getting up their. Once there they are torn between shyness at having to be on stage, pride at being in front of their parents, awe of the All Black giant behind them and fascination at the food on the tables at the back of the hall. At the end of the team presentation none of them would get off the stage as their moment of glory was not long enough. They were very cute, and particularly small compared to the Goliath standing on stage with them.
I have changed this photo, as I dont want to offend anyone whose child was in this photo with identification issues, but I still like this version as well. The original photo has some very funny faces on it, but you have to be careful when you are living in a small community to "do the right thing".

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