Chris M

By chrism

D. longlegs esq.

A day of frustration and excitement and . . . ..
I found this really good bargain house that LOADs of people could live in and have studios and all sorts but . . .anybody got any spare change?

Other ideas are flowing.
H1 toddled her mum, J wrote more of her novel, S is fed up about the Italian drawings, M looked so knackered I thought his face would fall off, L ignored me, F was smoking outside the school gates, H2 invited me and J to tea, K was all smiley and demanded the artwork NOW, somebody is going to look at the flat.
The weather was gorgeous All soupy and warm with butterflies and dragonflies and crane flies.
Looking forward to a zillion stars tonight.
I just wrote creepy crawly in the tags and remembered that there was a creep at uni called Tony Crawley so, of course, he was called . . .

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