Manic MorFF's Pics

By manicmorff

Bang, Bang... baby shot me down.

Following on from last night's link to a music video, here's another.
I chose not to link to the BA Robertson one, because that's crap (sorry wintersixfour).

Got back a little earlier tonight, so I thought I'd try this one again.

Water balloon, fast shutter speed, pop it and, if you get the timing right, I reckon the water will still be the shape of the balloon, but sans balloon. Much coolness of effect, applause, bow and exit stage left.

Built myself a Heath-Robinson contraption to do the whole balloon holding thing without any visible suspension means.

Some twenty-five balloons later, I got a shot close to the one I was looking for.
Close, but not quite, but this was the first one that had proper explosive spray just at the moment the balloon gave way.

Then I had to give up as I was losing the light.
Ho hum.

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