By flying


I heard the rumble, I felt the sway, the noise got louder and the shake got stronger. It was dark, we were shaking in our beds. Our family met in our doorways some fully awake others still sleepy. The house rocked, swayed and jolted many a time. It went on and on, louder and louder. Rumble, tumble, I could hear glass breaking, things falling - when would it stop! As it subsided there was a huge swaying motion, I began to feel giddy, sick as I'm not a sea person, then silence. A whole 3 minutes at 4.35am.

As dawn broke the earth was still moving with sharp jolts and smaller sways this has continued throughout the day. The blue sky has been calm quite a contrast to the moving earth. Disaster struck Christchurch City and surrounding areas. Our family is safe with only slight damage to our home - we are so thankful.

Daughter A was to fly to Wellington today but the airport had been closed, she is now booked for tomorrow. Hubby went to work but the roads were not good.
There was no power and things had moved in the hangar, damage to planes. His team didn't turn up as they had severly damaged homes, it was not long before he was home with us.

A capture of a favourite place for me, the Kaiapoi river and swing bridge. I have stood on this bridge many a time bringing blips to you of this beautiful river - I now have a before and after shot.

Not good quality shots as one was taken off the TV, this has been our day here in North Canterbury.

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