the seeds of its own prevention

It's unfortunate when events such as duathlons (which ought to encourage interest in cycling, running and general exercise) impede people wishing to cycle or run by blocking a popular cycling and running route for three days with lots of metal barriers, including the nights between. I wondered what the tent being constructed on Thursday morning was for but didn't find out until on my way home on Friday when a bunch of identically-dressed flashily-wheeled people emerged from Holyrood Gait and started cycling up the wrong side of Holyrood Road, forgetting that the entire world wasn't barrier'd off for their benefit and that normal two-way traffic-signal-obeying traffic was in operation elsewhere.

The original plan was to pop to the flat to finish off and tidy up today. It didn't happen, saving us some valuable thinking about what to do tomorrow. The wingpiglet has been getting a bit over-enthusiastic about waking up every hour or so during the night so when he woke up for good in the morning I took him out for a shake in the papoose to give Nicky some time to catch up on sleep. Despite making sure that everything required was fished-out and vaguely to hand it still took me a while to get various extra clothings onto him before strapping him in. I'll have to check the information on when it's permissible to stick him face-forwards as he spent most of the time he spent awake looking from side-to-side as if there was something uninteresting about the sweaty front of my T-shirt. If there was any likelihood of gloves remaining in place I might have tried to find some and fit them to avoid having to wear an hoody so that his hands weren't flapping about in the open air but I don't think we have any, short of fitting an extra pair of sock on his hands.

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