Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Behind Bars

This is Bob in his box ready to go to the cattery for his occasional detox. He always comes back sleeker and shinier, the result of a week without any dust to roll in and fewer calorific treats than he would prefer.

Today was the long journey south to see my father before he departs on his Mediterranean cruise. Once we had dropped Bob off and had some breakfast at Wilf's in Staveley, we spent much of the rest of the day travelling. Our main stop was Beacon Hill, south of Newbury, to admire the earthworks of the Iron Age Hill Fort on this high point of the chalk downs.

I did take some pictures there of three people flying a colourful kite, they showed off what the new camera is capable of, but otherwise were less exciting than the kite fliers who were having a hilarious time battling the strong winds with the kite plunging to the ground every a minute or so. So it's another dark blip of Bob.

We arrived in the early evening. This is my first visit all year. Normally I try to get down every 3-4 months, but this year it just hasn't been possible. Must do better.

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