Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Back Home Safely

I know this is overexposed, due to shooting into the sun. And I know it is slightly out of focus, but I don't care. #1 is home, and that's the main thing.

A 24 hour journey, leaving accommodation in Kampala yesterday lunchtime, flight from Entebbe to Dubai via Addis Ababa, and then a long wait for the connection to Glasgow. He did get a bit of sleep in Dubai, as he wanted to enjoy all the in-flight entertainment with Emirates. He even had a sticker on his t-shirt indicating to cabin staff to wake him when they were serving food.

Last year he came back with a large djembe drum in this rucksack. Today he brought home some smaller gifts for us all. I will share these with you in the next few days.

I've spent the whole afternoon handwashing all his clothes to get the red dust out before seeing three loads through the washing machine. My hands are now very sore. The stories have begun of the work he's been doing with the children in the slums in Kampala, and Kibera in Nairobi. We are very proud of him.

No cockroaches made it back this year, however neither did his housekeys. He remembers putting them somewhere safe when he arrived in Kampala. I expect they are still there.

Tomorrow he's back to University, helping with the welcome service to International Students.

Apologies to vegetarian Blipfriends for my entry yesterday.


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