a town called E.

By Eej

Labor Day Weekend

Traditionally this is regarded as the last weekend of summer around here. Schools will start again tuesday, and everyone is out and about to enjoy the good weather and freedom while they can.
And this wouldn't be America if it didn't result in masses of cook-out/pot-luck festivities.
My weekend so far:
Friday-evening: chocolate martinis, food and people
Saturday: white wine, food and many, many people
Sunday: beer, jello-shots, food, magic tricks and many, many more people.
And in all honesty; I am exhausted from being fun and entertaining and friendly. And slightly tipsy.

So after today's party we went to the lake. Nobody but me (armed with a lot of old bread and nor afraid to use it), the Beloved, ducks, swans and curious gulls. Blissful.
And that's what I want to remember from today; the calm, not the crazy :)



Not heading South

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