a day in the life of Jack

By jacksmom726

Woodstock Fair

September....one of my favorite months of the year. Crisp, dry, cooler air. Blue skies with fluffy clouds......and country fairs!!!!

We look forward every year to the Woodstock Fair. It's about a half hour drive from where we live and the ride is gorgeous. All backroads through quaint New England towns and villages.

The fair has all the typical things to enjoy....rides, food, animals, food, face painting, food, tractors, food, crafts, and did I mention food??? Lots of food booths with greasy hamburgers, sausage and onion grinders, candied apples, fried dough.....Not so good for the tummy, but you can't help but eat as much as possible!!

This baby calf was just born yesterday....it was so adorable. Jack asked if he could go in a pet it, so he sat right down on a bale of hay and spent some quality time with her. She is part of a local farm that sells milk and ice cream at all of the major grocaery chains in the area.

I loved how Jack seemed so content and relaxed, even with zillions of people all around him, making a new friend.

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