By flying

White Camellia

Reminds me of a candle with a very soft glow.

It rained today, the very fine rain that seems to soak you ever so quick.
The rain that is gentle for the Spring garden.
The rain that the birds flit around in as if bathing in a bird shower.
The rain that is a jolly nusicance for people wearing spectacles.
I love the rain in Spring, making the garden come alive.

A sleepless night in our house, another earthquake after midnight and then again at 8am. I was getting used to them as they were becoming less, but I'm not so sure now. Progress is being made in Christchurch city and Kaiapoi, buildings were demolished today.
My hubbys work has been in touch with every single employee to see how their families are. A daycare has been set up for school age children so people can take a break. Employees can take time off to sort insurance etc whenever they need to - no questions asked. Brilliant to see people and businesses joining together.
I'm running extremely late tonight, again - some days are like this and its still raining that very fine rain. Thats us in North Canterbury, NZ - Nite :)

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