Life thru a blippin' lens

By James

Party On!

After the party, a lot of us headed back to Simone's to continue the celebrations.

A few people headed off to bed, or just slept where they fell, and Simone did a bit of a disapearing act at one point too.

There was a bit of an iPod fight too for who was getting to plug theirs in next, which ended up in Vicky's Dad going off in a bit of a huff.

It eventually left, me, Simone's cousin Vicky, her step Mum, Gillian and Simone's mum's wife, Evelyne. We parted all night and before we know it, it was half six and it was getting light.

At one point, Simone's mum (Pam) sent Simone's sister (Jade) downstairs to turn the electricity off so that we'd all go to sleep. She must of had enough of all our singing and roudyness. That didn't last long though, Evelyne found the power switch and we were back in business, at which point Pam got up and cracked open a bottle of beer with the feeling of 'if you can't beat them, join them'.

I was beginning to get tired, but Pam wouldn't let me sleep due to us keeping her awake all night. So I had to party on or risk losing an eyebrow or too.

Me and Vicky headed to McDonalds around 9 for breakfast, still drunk and probably looking a right state.

We got back and I thought enough was enough, I needed some sleep so I got the bus home and went to my bed - got up for tea and went back to bed.

What a great night it was though - I've not had one of those nights in a long time. I don't know how I lasted all night to be fair - I'm normally the one who's ready to go home about 2am when on a night out.

This image doesn't really realate at all to this story - I don't really remember taking it, but I like the way the picture trails out of the tv.

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