a town called E.

By Eej

Arachnophobic Rebel

Around January 20th of 2011 I will read my 365 Blips and I will find that 52 of them express my intense hatred of mondays. I've read somewhere that the only people that feel no different on sunday evening than they do on friday evening are the people that have found their dreamjob.

I think it's clear I haven't found mine.

And because there's nothing that could make today worse, I decided to explore spiderwebs.
I am rather terrified of spiders and think it's incredibly unfair that they also seem to be scared of me. If they weren't, if they'd attack at the drop of a hat, at least my fear would be founded and I wouldn't feel so silly. That being said: we have some funnel spiders that have made webs as big and thick as blankets that strike a very un-silly, genuine fear in me.
If I dared I'd harvest them and sell them for Halloween. The webs, that is. I'm not touching one of those spiders with a ten-foot pole, or wearing a medieval harness.

But because I am far more brave with a camera between me and the Subject of Fear I did take photos of a spider. And chickened out at processing. Brrr.

Instead you get an abandoned web. In blue.
Of course.
Against the wishes of the Beloved who thinks I should put the spider up. I'm an arachnophobic rebel.

I commented on yesterdays Blip but I'll say it again here: the gunk made during the Grape Stomp is not used for human consumption. I'm sure the FDA would wholeheartedly be against that. So, no worries!

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