A Dog's Dinner

By G

Mission Impossible

Today I tried out some of my new Impossible Color Shade film, the new Polaroid material, which was part of my birthday present.

Well what can I say? It ain't coloured for a start!

It's also so sensitive to light I had to, wait for this, catch the photograph in a black bag so that it doesn't get over exposed.

Now call me a spoil sport, but I thought part of the magic was watching the image grow in front of your eyes, not any more it isn't.

If fact it seeems that they have done the impossible and taken all the magic out of the system completely.

Well I've only got two more packs left - so maybe it'll get a better. Oh!- and the cost? -about £1.50 per photograph.

Iv'e also got a couple of black and white packs, so there will be more reports coming.

Mark you, Mr Blog's SX70 camera was very cool.

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