By raf

Ain't got no scissors mate

Walking along the beach this afternoon watching the fishermen on the rocks.

This time of year communal fishing is an all day event involving anything from 2 to 10 friends plus the food and drink needed to last the day:mid morning until early evening.

Drinking water is not an option, wine and beer flow freely through the day.

This photo was taken around 6-ish this evening - towards the end of what would have been a long day trying to catch dinner for this evening.

All of this guy's mates were clapping and cheering at his catch whilst sitting on the chairs under the umbrella shade out of blip.

I got a few shots of the fisherman actually reeling in and landing the fish but I liked this one the best where he is biting through the fishing line to free the fish.

Greetings from Cullera

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