Meanwhile, at the coast..

By meancoast

Blue lagoon it's not......'s the disused paddling pool on the lower prom at the bottom of the street. Not filled for years (no doubt down to a combination of Health and Safety concerns/zero staffing/public spending cuts) and a bit of a blight on the landscape, but I've ranted about it before. If I'd braved the winds a bit longer I might have blipped something more interesting but it's 'hang onto the railings, hair in your eyes' weather down there this morning.

I didn't manage a whole lot of commenting last night, the connection dropped and no amount of fiddling and faffing made any difference......the perfect excuse for an early bath and bed!

PS.....the cats are well and truly spooked by the draft-excluder strip on the back door this morning, it's acting as a reed in the wind and making hooting and braying noises like a novice bagpipe player.....oh joy!

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