My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Evening run

If you've a moment to spare please indulge me.

Picture the scene.

Productive day - all jobs done - so time for an early evening run.

Dog - check.
Lead - check.
Running kit - check.
Camera - check.
Battery at 3 bars - check.
House locked - check.
Glorious sky no 1 - check.

Battery now dead.

Even more glorious sky no 2 - no chance
Simply stunning sky no 3 - not on your nelly
and best of all ......
Cow in field looking directly at me, sun lighting her from behind, beautifully framed by the trees, sunlight bouncing of the grass, amazing blue sky with fluffy clouds - aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh.

How on earth does a battery go from 3 bars to zilch in the space of 10 minutes.

So sorry - you'll have to make do with sky no 1.

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