a town called E.

By Eej


I had a (different) Blip planned and more or less ready to go when I realised that if I were to make a Caprese Salad tonight, I should probably get some tomatoes out of the (soaked and soggy) garden.
Outside I noticed one of the bell peppers (paprika) lolling about and I bend over to fix it ... and out jumps a toad.
It didn't jump far, which I translated into permission to take its photo.
And for a while it was okay with that.
Click. Click. Click. Hang on, I need to refocus. Click. Click.
And then it charged at me!


I felt like a paperazzo attacked by a celebrity.

This was the last photo before it attacked. I certainly can see the anger there, but then again; I am severely traumatised. And possibly spat at.

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