Ingunn in Oslo

By IngunnInOslo

PEOPLE OF OSLO continues

Look what I stumbled over today! I saw a lot of photos and discovered that some people in Oslo have extremely good ideas!

Two photographers, Caroline Roka and Hans Fredrik Huuse (picture) arrange for the second time a Photo Stunt. They invite professional and amateur photographers to send them 5 photos or more which they decorate the outside walls to the gallery View for one evening.

They have a huge party and when the party is over and during the weekend anyone can take down photos they like for free. This year's theme is repetition. Hans Fredrik has taken the photos of animals in a zoo in China living under poor condition (in the right corner in this photo) and Caroline has taken photos from a skate park (just behind Hans Fredrik).

There will be a winner of this stunt, and she/he will be able to show their photos inside the gallery.

I was thrilled by the idea, I now that I know about this event I will surely send some photos next year! And tomorrow I will see if there are any photos left on the walls :-))

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