A Dog's Dinner

By G

Donnie The Digger

Last night the heavy rain threatened to wash away the only road into the glen but this gent and his crew have been working their socks of to get it fixed. It looks as if it'll be ok until the next time.

It seems some of the drains have got blocked with debris and the run off was starting to undermine the base of the roadway.

'That'll be a digital job then?'
'The're just the job - those digitals'

Other adventures today.

We chased and caught a mouse in the kitchen. The poor wee thing was caught in a trap but it escaped as I was taking it outside. Never daunted The Dog Pasha rolled off his divan, caught the offending rodent and dispatched it quickly and cleanly.

All of the neighbours are complaining about the number this year and I see some other blippers are having mousey probs too.

...........and it's still raining!

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