Ken...., this guy isn't Ken. It was however chummeryken's birthday today. He would have been 66....more of that later.

This is Troy; he's touring Europe with his wife Olivia. They are good friends of my young cous Shaun (he of Perth, Western Australia abode). Troy lived with us for a while during his backpacking tour of Europe 7 years ago.

A visit to the Scotch Malt Whiksy Society in Leith, a slow lunch at Diner 7, joined by the Tullochs for a drink and then home to freshen-up. Next ventured to the Scotch Malt Whiksy Society in Edinburgh, meal in The Dogs restaurant. My braised shin was outstanding, but Norman's salmon had the group in tears of laughter.

A day of feasting was rounded-off with a brisk walk in the pleasent cool air to Kay's Bar and then the Beard and Cardigan to meet up with Edwards' Eye. Nancy led a toast to Ken with some of his favourite foaming ale. Sad but appropriate.

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