WeeWifie's Wonderland

By weewifie

Internet Friend - Real Friend. Day 4

After I booked the hol for my son, my Dad and I to Salou I found out an internet friend of mine was going to be there the first week I was too... so of course it was "we MUST meet up!!" - so we each took our child and met up on the beachfront and spent the day together!

She found me by accident on Bebo before I had a private account there, and had seen that I was wanting to be an operating theatre nurse so popped a comment on saying how weird she came across me when that's the job SHE does! That begun a lovely internet friendship! When I got my interview for my job as a operating theatre nurse upon my qualifying as a nurse a couple of years later she called me on the phone for the first time and we chatted for couple of hours - and she helped me out on all aspects for my interview!

Was absolutely WONDERFUL to meet yet another of my wonderful internet friends, and make another a REAL friend. Though I class a lot of my net pals as real friends, once you actually meet them, it's more "real" to others who don't understand internet friendships! Not one person have I met in real life that I've known online first has not been just as I expected them to be!!

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