The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

Shirley it's a Poppy

I've waited all year to say that.
Thanks for finally showing up Poppy.

I hate it when you wait with baited breath and it never happens. The other poppies were singles and although delicate, didn't have the "Wow" factor.

I have a Rose of Sharon tree, which has never fully flowered. Being transplanted 3 times hasn't helped it and I now realise, that I need a conservatory for it to bloom fully in this climate. The leaves are yellowing and starting to fall as the flowers are just starting to open.

Life imitates horticulture!
Just as I think I have gained some foothold in my new job, my back pulls me down. I swear I shrink 2 " during the course of a day and that's not just in physical terms.
But it is nice to be recognised by your clients as doing a good job.

It can't be all bad then?


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