The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

Cup cakes for Baby Bear.

A 21 year old niece in her work.
A great little shop full of potential Chrissie pressies for a certain great nephew.
Where to start?.......

My car needed new tyres.....groan.

Did the going round the tyre garages for quotes and ran out of steam. Why is it that men need to prove that women know nothing about cars, then try and talk down to them about the importance of what "Holds you on the road".
I suppose if I went around saying that I knew nothing about them, I may lead them to conclude that they needed to speak to me that way, but I DON'T.

Anyway, my nice big green car has new boots and very nice she looks too!

Still I managed to do quite a few bits and pieces as well as be denegrated.
Shopping, baking for the big Coffee morning tomorrow, tea making and gym, then taxi for Curlyfries to Scouty activity. Tomorrow, he is off to camp. Now I can upload a blip, hopefully before I return to pick him back up.

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