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By EdwardFenner

Last show for this old steam tractor

My 50th blip.

Built 1923, this Sawyer-Massey tractor is making its last show appearance. Sadly, the owner is dismantling it because of the cost to insure it and the bureaucratic hassle and red tape he is forever force to endure. He says the "suits" and the government just take all the joy out of keeping and showing this wonderful machine. The show is the Wellesley Apple Butter and Cheese Festival held on the final Saturday of every September since 1975 in Wellesley, Ontario, Canada. My wife and I have been meaning to go for 20 years and finally had no other things in conflict. It was for naught. It was a disappointment. Hardly any apples, apple products, and a few piddly selections of cheese but they had all kinds of other things to see and do but we expected to be inundated with apple and cheese wares. The highlight was the steam tractor and that's going to be decommissioned. It was fully operational and had a large belt (on the other side of the tractor going forward of it and is visible at left) that powered a sawmill at the other end that cut wood shingles.

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