Trespasser and her ride

I was a bit undecided whether to go for the ride today. The good weather coupled with the short route switched the odds in its favour. Decided to postpone my reading. We were a little late with our start and the main group were miles ahead. For a while we tried catching up with them, but as the roads steadily got worse, traffic and pollution increased, and potholes became little hillocks, the thought of having to return through the route under a harsh sun, breathing in pollutants by the gallons made us turn back. It was an excellent decision in hindsight.

We made our way to roads where we could truly enjoy the beautiful morning. The clear skies, the mist, the rising sun sitting upon the horizon, fishermen on the brackish Yamuna casting large nets into the water (What kind of fish survive in these waters? And if any do, is it healthy at all to consume them?), all sights we would have missed had we decided to proceed. Finally we made our way beyond the city roads to explore a few dirt-tracks and discovered some beautiful locations. What stopped us on a couple of occasions was the swolled river that had encroached upon our paths. One of the roads we had cycled through a month of so back, was now swallowed by the river, which had created a recent pathway perpendicular to it!

Ended the morning with some fine breakfast and conversation.

P.S. I keep on telling myself, how important it is to use blip to document the days, but true as that is, I really have to try and remember photography again.

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