Around the Block

By Barrioboy


So with little time for a blip today and no time at all to go properly outside, I moved about the external areas of the house carrying a vase of flowers, now fully opened, that I had bought in for the boys weekend. They will go in the bin tomorrow as I won't be here for a few days so I decided to capture some of their flamboyance before it was curtains, so to speak.

I know there is a lot of nose-turning-up at flower shots, but some of the blippers I follow have no hesitation in shooting them and defending stoutly the practice. I must say that I had a lot of fun. There were endless shooting, cropping and selection decisions to be made includng a multitude of DOF alternatives, various lighting conditions, far or close, colour range ('green' in or out!), real or abstract, and so on.

Hope you like...I called it 'Heart' not so much for the principal colour or rough shape as for the sense that the almost luminous tubes at the centre are very much the life force....oh, and if you like it you can always send a replacement bunch!

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