Circle of the Seasons

By GCleare


The New England fall colors look richer when everything is wet. The air carries light differently with all that water spray suspended in it. It looks like Photoshop work, but it's not. I did have the camera turned to vivid, with a little sharpen on it.

I discovered today that I need something like a camera shower cap, if I am going to shoot outside in the rain! How do you all manage this? My Minolta was getting a misted lens and I had to make a little tent out of a dishtowel.

Back by popular demand are the autumn colors, pushed into jewel tones by a trick of the light.

Thanks so much to everyone who has made me welcome at Blipfoto! I am well on the way to becoming a Blipmaniac. Looking in on your lives every day is fascinating, and I enjoy sharing mine.

I especially love that the seasons are so different in various spots on the globe. Watching this in your photos is enthralling. It also makes me appreciate our sweet Mother Earth even more, with a new sense of the whole, the connection between us all.

And on days like this, I can feel her breathe.

Magic is afoot!

(Take a look at this large, for the detail.)

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