Welcome back Joe

Having just returned from holiday this weather is going to take some getting used to!

I had to drive through the Gorbals area of Glasgow today and was delighted to see that the sculpture based on the iconic photograph by Italian-born Scottish photographer Oscar Marzaroli was intact.

At the end of July the middle of the three statues you can see - Joe - was broken by vandals and had to be removed for restoration work. The local community, the artist, and everyone involved were devastated at the time. It must have taken some force to knock it over and the local Police Station is only 100 yards away.

I'm not sure when it returned but it was great to see it today.

The original photograph which inspired it was taken in 1963. Around that time Oscar Marzaroli took some amazing pictures of the Gorbals area.

If you have time you can check him out here.

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