Nothing to say.

By applesandgrits

So about camping... didn't happen. Here's how everything went down:

-Woke up at 5 o'clock, threw all of my blankets in garbage bags, walked to cliff's car
-Drove 40 minutes to Fort DeSoto, only to arrive at a completely empty registration office
-Take cliff's mustang out to get coffee, on the drive back, see the sun just starting to peek up over the ocean
-The four of us wait until the park officer comes, tells us to be quiet in addition to telling us that there are no more available sites, as the line for sites started on FRIDAY mornings
-Drove around, decided to get food, during this time I took the picture of the sun just rising (picture doesn't do it justice)
-While ordering, the waitress tells us about another campground close by, calls her husband to get directions
-Proceed to have the greatest veggie omelette in recent memory
-See the site, decide that it won't accommodate 24 people (forgot to say we were going early, so that a bunch of other people could come later in the day) and drove back to campus
-Arrived back around 9:45, earlier than I wake up on most days.

I feel like I've done so much already, which is great, but then I realize how much time I actually waste by waking up around 9:30-10:00 every day. Depressing.

edit: The warping of the trees, etc. is because of the car, in case you were wondering

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