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By Chocolatelover

wedding party

in Solo tradition

and it's our last day in Solo, yeah our short trip is finished.
today we went to wedding party of my sister's ex tutor teacher.
then for the last time, we went to food place to buy serabi solo ( This food is made from rice flour mixed with coconut milk and fried over charcoal or pannenkoek Pannekoek similar .Srabi is a unique snack from Solo which made from coconut milk mixed with a little flour, which makes it taste delicious. Also given the usual sprinkling of a piece of banana, jackfruit or even meses and cheese if desired. Srabi famous from Notokusuman area, which is often shortened to Notosuman (Srabi Notosuman).
and went to Laweyan Solo to shopping.

if you're interested and have much time, it is explanations about the wedding tradition in Solo or wedding tradition in Javanese , i give you the link about it >> this is it

i'm sorry i just give you the link, i will be so long description if i write it :O)

so bad our plane is delayed for almost 2 hour, waiting in domestic waiting room is a bored job. and so bad it's just a short trip, but yay i got lots of thing in Solo, batik clothes, batik bags, and foods. all is free, it's all because of my uncle and my aunty, they are so so so kind.
we went to Solo just carry 1 bag, then went back to Jakarta we carry 3 bag. oh wow! full with things that we bought in Solo. :O)

overall, i love my short trip in Solo :)

forget to mention about the weather : the weather in Solo is warmer than Jakarta, no rain!

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