Shade of Promise

By shade

Mad Blipper

I had this great idea for the mad blipper assignment, but I was never able to do it. Mostly because I didn't have the skeleton until just recently. Well, I had to do my idea, and decided to do it in honor of my best friend Haunted joining blipfoto. It was his party Dark was talking about in one of his blips.

So with out further delay, The Mad Blipper:

There once was a man who was so obsessed with Blipping that he couldn't stay away from his computer. He loved to look at all of the pictures and comment. So all day and all night he stayed at the computer, even though his pictures suffered from it. He just took any old pictures from his chair because he didn't want to get up from his computer. He didn't sleep, he didn't eat, and slowly he wasted away until all that was left was nothing but a skeleton. So all he was now was half the man he once was, nothing but a skeleton, yet still he blipped away.

P.S. This picture reminds me of Haunted's great Halloween parties.

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