Nothing to say.

By applesandgrits

Darjeeling Limited...

Today I had to finish reading a book, write a report, and create a presentation on said book for wednesday, all of which i planned to put a dent by dinner. So when my roommate came to me at 4:00 and asked "wanna see Darjeeling Limited and American Gangster?," how could I refuse? We were there from 4:15-10:00. Not a bad way to spend Veteran's day, right?

Darjeeling was excellent, so during the first few minutes I grabbed a frame for you. In the hour span between sneaking into American Gangster, we caught the first 45 minutes of Dan in Real Life. I like Steve Carell, but I feel like he keeps picking mediocre roles :(. American Gangster was long, but was still really good.

Anyways, I have to catch up on work, hopefully you've all had a great Veteran's day.

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