By traceyflowerpot

Appointment Day...

I am using this photo today for my assignmnet21 as I am forgetful at times for appointments not the day but the times, so I stuck a reminder on my mirror.

I had to take Aaron to the hospital this morning for a check up on his broken nose. The poor boy wasnt very happy about going at all (which I cant say I blamed him).

When the doctor checked Aarons nose it wasnt only broken it was dislocated also. The Doctor gave him some spray up his nostrils, which made all his nose, throat and mouth and lips numb. Then Aaron had to go into a room to lay on a bed, they then gave him 4 injections around his nose.

Once it had all numbed (by then Aaron was well stressed out, Bless Him) the Doctor pushed his nose back, they was an almighty crack. It made me feel faint, the noise was terrible.

Aaron didnt look very well at all (which was quite understandable) , the doctor told us that he needed to have a little bit more done, but Aaron said I cant go through that again so the Doctor agreed to leave it as it wasnt to bad.

Poor Aaron.

I think you were so brave Aaron I am so proud of you, now just be careful for 6 weeks, else you will have to have it done again.

If you want to see how bad Aaron's nose was last Friday look here.

Hope you feel better soon Aaron

Loves Ya Hunni

Love Mum x

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