Buddy Yamaha

By richie_rollover

In the wee small hours

Ok, about 12.30 am.

I'm feeling a lot better today, a combination of some excellent work related news and a couple of stellas over the course of the guitar night seemed to do the trick.

We had a good guitar night (not sure that Roz would have described it that way right enough). Dave didn't make it due to not getting up the road from London until about 11 so it was justy (from left) my dad, Ewen and Pete. I got a Danny Gatton - Telemaster Instructional DVD from Roz's mum beforehand, but the half hour I had spare just wasn't enough time to learn it all, I'd need an extra fifteen minutes at least (yeah right).

The only new thing I learned (well new to me anyway) was Hey you by Pink Floyd. Always good to learn at least one new thing on these nights. We finished up by about half past one due to me still feeling a wee bit crook, we'd normally go on until about four. Just as well as I'm probably feeling better as a result. I reckon by tomorrow I'll be back to 100%

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