That's what you're getting today, a shot of a few bulls.

It wasn't meant to be this. Driving into Stirling recently I'd been noticing a screen of tall skinny trees (Poplars? possibly, not good on the green gardeny type stuff) and how they'd been turning a nice shade of orange. They looked particularly nice in the sunshine today and at the right angle with the magnificent Wallace Monument in the background (sans pylons) echoing their erectness I thought I had my blip for the day.

But, after finding a route down some farm roads and through a thick wooded area populated by a massive jittery hare and a pigeon eating something-or-other I ended up here. Couldn't see the Wallace Monument for the trees, the sun had faded behind the clouds and I was pointing the camera almost straight in to it and anyway, I was down too low in a muddy ditch to get any decent angle. It wasn't going to work, and by this point Euan had sent a text to say his movie had finished and he was ready to be picked up from the cinema, so I worried the bulls a bit by loudly sneaking nearer the electrified fence (good spot that, almost grabbed it to steady myself) and snapped them instead.

I even had to do the HDR bit on this manually as the cattle were retreating too fast and the grass was blowing all over the place making the three exposures I intended to HDR the buggery out of to try and mask the mediocrity of it all so out of sync with each other it ended up looking like a plate of minced beef once Photomatix had tried its best.

That shot's now been deposited in the blip recycling bank, someone else can try it if they like.

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