David Nichols

By davidnichols

Back Again

After a disastrous year financially, things are finally getting a little better, and I was over the moon today as I finally regained my flight currency.

Now back to flying little C150s -- who cares? At least I'm back in the air.

It took a good 2 hours with an instructor to get back my feeling for the landings, another half hour of emergency procedures, and I made my first solo in 10 months (in OK-MRK).

Getting my head back into flying completely in the position it was last year will take a little longer still.

Was a beautiful day - good day for circuits too with a 90 degree crosswind.

I can't describe the feeling on regaining my flight currency - I feel like I just got my license - on top of the world.

I'd like to dedicate this blip to Ted Caffarel, great family friend and pilot, RIP 2010.

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