Another Day

By pcc

The Universe.

The start of a another week.
Painter has been to do a small touch up - still not perfect but I can live with it.
Odd jobs caught up with, and even had time to call at the shops, and I think I have now got some clothes to wear for a wedding in December. Good to get that out of the way.

Have seen other blippers do these marvelous photos of oil on water.
Well I was not set up as I should have been and did not have a good clear glass bowl, but used what I had. I found that I had a lot of air bubbles sitting on my oil - is this with too much stirring? I had to stir frequently as the oil kept running into one bog blob!
Is the answer very cold water? I have a lot to learn on this subject yet....

Have Nature Photography Club to night where we will listen to a very good speaker, Rob Suisted. May be late in making my comments again tonight.

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