what better reason

I like it when assignments mean I can withdraw from the blip bank. I've been wanting to get a decent shot of a heavily-illuminated bus trundling over the Dean Bridge at night for a while but have always gone with something else instead and never even posted any shots as spare links. Best get it out of the way now so that I can stop fretting that not enough buses went past or that the clouds were a little unbalanced and so on. Shooting from Lynedoch Place rather than on the walkway beside the river definitely helps for overall lighting balance although the lower-down version lets the shape of the arches be defined against the sky. I get the impression that a really good place for such a shot would be from the north bank but access is restricted by the snotty poshpeople who own the fancy terraced gardens covering them.

Hurrah for weekends. I think this one is entirely free from time-consuming Duties too.

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